Apr 222020
Hybrid Fescue Blend

Hybrid Fescue Blend

We have added to our arsenal of seed.  The latest addition is a new hybrid type tall fescue mix.  This mix has all the benefits that are synonymous with fescue grass.  Unlike traditional fescue this hybrid blend features varieties which have been engineered to produce a thinner blade of grass.  Fesuce has always been the best grass for drought, shade, wear, and disease resistance.  This blend transcends traditional fescues by including a rhizome developing species that repairs itself like bluegrass.    So far the results at our personal homes, and feedback from customers have been great.   We currently sell it in 25lb bags, which if sown 10lbs / 1,000 sqft. will cover 2,500 square feet.   Germination is quick between 7-10 day.   Ask our staff for a more detailed run down of why we prefer this blend over others.

Mar 302017

At Dan Como and Sons we have what you need to achieve a resilient and vibrant lawn….and the right weed control products to get the most out of our premium mulches.

We sell Premium Tmulchbedopsoil – which is perfect for grading (evening out) your lawn, and seeding in. It has the perfect ratio of organic material and mineral material. This perfect mix makes it ideal for applications where structure is important.  If you’re filling in holes, repairing after removing stumps, or building planting berms; Premium Topsoil is the right choice.

50/50 (Compost/ Topsoil) Mix – The perfect mixture of our Premium Topsoil, and leaf and grass compost allows you to fill in spots, and top dress an already graded lawn. Forget about fertilizers when using 50/50 Mix, all the necessary nutrients will come from the soil itself, letting you steer clear of polluting fertilizers.

Seed – We Got It – - The Terre Company is a local bulk landscape supply house that knows the seed our area needs. Forget about Scotts and other big box seed. Terre has been supplying product and information to the professionals in our area for 50+ years….and we carry the seed blend that they know works best. We can’t recommend their seed enough…we’ve seen the results for ourselves. We carry 25lb bags of their Famous 6-Way Sun and Shade Mix and Tri Tall Fescue (For High Traffic, Drought Resitant)….we’ve also started to blend our own seed mixtures…which we make sure are fresh and of the highest quality.   PennMulch —- EZ Straw—–Salt Hay—–Straw Hay—-Starter Fertilizer—We have it all…. Give us a call today and talk to Rob, Dan, or Joe and we’ll go over everything you need.

Weed Control-  mulch is a natural weed suppressor, but not that effective at eliminating weeds from germinating.  Treflan is a pre-emergent weed control product.  It is granular and spreads easily by hand or spreader.  It is a pre-emergent and needs to be laid out in the mulch beds before you lay your mulch, and before the weed seeds have germinated.  Weed Barrier Fabric is laid down before you spread your mulch.  It allows the flow of water and fertilizer to continue.  We have rolls that cover 15o sqft. or 1800 sqft., and it can be cut to fit any shape mulch bed.


Oct 052016

We have been Unilock’s largest image-copy-2supplier for over 20 years.  We currently are their North Jersey stocking supply yard, and have most of their product line in stock and available.  A lot of other suppliers require their customers to purchase full pallets, and will only break open pallets for certain products.  We here at Dan Como and Sons, Inc. do not require full pallet purchases all the time.  We do this because we value our customers needs.  This allows you to get a great price on our open pallet inventory.  These items are small amounts, but enough to do small patios, landings, or any other small areas that need fresh paving stones.  STOP IN TODAY TO SEE WHAT WE MAY HAVE FOR YOU!

May 202015

Please allow 24- 48 hours oblack.mulch.beforeafterf drying time when installing Dyed Mulches.  Our mulches are processed and dyed on premises.  The Dye does not get a chance to fully set in while it sits in large, moist piles at our facility.

Drying occurs after the Dyed Mulches are installed at the recommended depth (2″-3″ inches).  Once they are laid out the dye is then able to set into the mulch.

If Dyed Mulches are installed during or just before it rains the dye WILL be effected.  Typically, if you laid the mulch on thick enough, a simple raking/fluffing of the mulch will mix faded and un-faded chips and might remedy the faded color look.  In extremely heavy rain storms fading will be very noticeable.  Please keep an eye on the forecast when ordering your mulch.

Keep in mind that this only effects Black, Brown, Cherry Brown, and (especially) Red Dyed Mulches.  These types include the hardwood or cedar versions of these products.  This advisory/disclaimer does not include Double or Triple undyed hardwood.  It also does not apply to premium mulches like Hemlock and UnDyed Cedar Mulch.

Please do not hesitate to ask us about this when you are placing your order.

Please read the following article regarding the dyed mulches and the colorants we use.  Please be advised that we do not use any construction debris in the manufacturing of our mulches.  We are thoroughly inspected by the DEP and adhere to only recycling tree parts at our facility.