Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) How thick should I apply the mulch?
(A) Initial install 3″ and 2″ for a 2nd application.

(Q) How many bags are in a yard of mulch?
(A) 13 bags = 1 yard mulch

(Q) Can I have bags delivered?
(A) Bags are for pick up only. We will load your car for you!

(Q) What is the benefit of dyed mulch?
(A) The dyed mulch will hold its dark color & keep that freshly mulched look all year long.

(Q) Is dyed mulch safe?
(A) 100%

(Q) Will the dye wash off?
(A) For ultimate results, avoid getting mulch wet (rain, sprinklers) 24 hours after spreading to let the color bake in.

(Q) When is the best time for planting/re-seeding?
(A) Spring & Fall

(Q) What is the 50/50 mix?
(A) A blend of topsoil & compost that’s great for top dressing, planting beds, and gardens.

(Q) Can I get 2 different products on 1 delivery?
(A) Unfortunately there is no partition to separate the products and 2 deliveries will be needed.