Looking for Mulch

We offer many types of mulches in various colors and textures to fit any landscape. Whether you have a large area or small we have the solution for you. You can pick it up in our convenient bags or by the truck load. We also offer bulk delivery to your home. We manufacture most of our mulches here and bag on site.

Buy direct from the source!  We manufacture all of our mulches here on site.  We receive deliveries daily of local hardwoods, premium hemlock and cedar mulches.  We then take those raw materials and manufacture right on site.  This allows us to ensure our mulch is of the best quality around.

Please read our disclaimer regarding DYED mulches and spreading them before a rain storm.

  •  All of the mulch (hardwood, dyed-mulch, hemlock, and cedar) we have in stock is triple ground in consistency.   The only mulch that we make double ground, is called Double Ground mulch.
  • Our hardwood mulches use all local hardwoods.  Each load of raw material is inspected and cleaned free of most debris.
  • Double ground is an economy mulch more for large areas, malls, office complexes, and parks; where aesthetics is not important.
  • Triple Ground is the premium option, and comes naturally aged brown in color.
  • Dyed Hardwood Mulch is the most popular of our mulches, and comes Black, Brown, Cherry Brown, or Red.  It is only available triple ground.  Please read the following article regarding dyed bark mulch.  Please be advised the we have never used contaminated wood, and never receive construction debris at our facility.  We are rigorously inspected by the State DEP and are only permitted to recycle fresh wood and tree parts.  Colorant Safety Info
  • The premium Hemlock and Cedar mulches are received fresh multiple times per week from a single source.  Hemlock and Cedar mulches are aesthetically nicer, have natural resins that deter fruit and wood eating insects, have unique coloring, and tend to last a little longer.  The premium mulches are also triple ground.
  • Cedar mulch also comes dyed Black, Brown, and Red dyed.

If you don’t know how much you need Click Here for our Yardage Calculator


Hardwood Mulch